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Q – How much light do I need for a home environment?

A- As opposed to industrial lighting, the ideal levels of light for domestic lighting cannot be calculated simply. Domestic lighting is not just about illuminating a workplace, it also has to consider volume, atmosphere of the room, color of the ceiling, walls, floor, furniture and creating visual interest and personal taste.

In addition to simply 'seeing well' task lighting, recessed and hidden lighting are used to create different atmospheres in the same room. Here some examples

  • In the Kitchen. When cooking you would require a well illuminated environment. When entertaining at night, having rope lighting under the base near the floor of your cabinets/island and/or under the counter top lip, combined with under cabinet lighting to illuminate the counter tops is perfect ambiance for guests traversing through the kitchen.

  • Directional recessed lighting and designer track lighting are used to add illumination via emphasis also. You can highlight art work and family photos, antiques, curio's, book shelves and wall spaces in foyers, hallways or bedrooms.

  • High Ceilings are always a problem. Using high output track lighting you can easily bring the light from the ceiling down to to where you need it. Additionally it can be directed to illuminate only the areas you want leaving lamps and wall lights to provide the proper ambiance you are creating.

  • Basic outside light fixtures are designed to provide illumination to see where you are walking. Using landscape lighting strategically positioned to be directed at the home can make your home look beautiful at night.

Click the image above called 'choose a light guide' for an (energy efficient) interactive experience for selecting illumination for a room or your entire home.



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